Holiday Weird


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Willy 2.5” Randy 2.25” Hard & Soft Enamel
❤️ OG – LE 48 Soft Enamel Green Plated w/ Epoxy
💙 Frostbite – LE 22 Hard Enamel Nickel
🤍 Snow Day – LE 22 Soft Enamel Ano w/ Epoxy
🤎 Fireplace Ashes – LE 22 Hard Enamel Black Nickel colored by Katie
🖤 Dreaming of a Black Christmas – LE 22 Soft Enamel Ano Epoxy colored by Katie
🫐 Winterberry – LE 22 Hard Enamel Black Nickel
💚 GV – LE 11 Soft Enamel Red Plating w/ Epoxy

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Holiday Weird

OG, OG B Grade, Frostbite, Frostbite B Grade, Snow Day, Snow Day B Grade, Fireplace Ashes, Fireplace Ashes B Grade, Dreaming of a Black Christmas, DOABC B Grade, Winterberry, Winterberry B Grade


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