Refund Policy


Please remember that all pins are hand made and almost no 2 are alike. The pin making process is long and tedious and what some might consider to be “minor flaws” are just really the different uniqueness to your pin so try not to judge so hard. I will not accept replacements/returns for any minor flaws.

What is a minor flaw?

Up close flaws like if the pin has light scratches on the metal or epoxy surface that is a minor flaw. Small bubbles in the epoxy, light overspill of epoxy or enamel, small dust particles in the epoxy and slight uneven glow powder application are all common minor flaws. Hold your pin at arms length if the flaws are not noticeable those are considered minor flaws.

WOBBLY POSTS ARE NOT A FLAW back posts are made with room to wiggle so they don’t snap off. If your posts are wiggling madly and you can’t put them on your board securely then that is considered a flaw. Sometimes you might get a bent post if that is the case this can be easily solved with a pair of pliers there are plenty of videos showing how to correctly bend back your posts.

If you truly are questioning whether your pin has a major flaw, feel free to contact the Dork. Provide your name as it appears on your order, order number & clear pictures of your defect(s) and we will help reach a resolution.